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Speculated Underwater UFO Base

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There is much evidence to suggest that there is an underwater UFO base in the Santa Catalina channel off the Southern California coast. Hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported in the area, with a significant amount of these involving the crafts going into and out of the water. The exact location and size of the base are conjecture, but with the large amounts of crafts being seen at one time, and the geographic spread of the sightings, the base is probably extremely large (perhaps more than several city blocks), and very deep, so as to avoid detection.

The sightings in the area have been reported regularly from as far back as 1947; the year of the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the Roswell crash. On July 7 of that year, two teenagers were walking along the San Raphael beach. At 3:10pm, they witnessed a “flat, glistening object” emerge from the ocean, fly for a short distance, and then dive back into the sea about 400 yards from the shore. The next month, in August 1947, the Coast Guard received reports of a “strange flaming object” that fell into the ocean. After this, steamers going into and out of San Francisco Bay would encounter an underground ‘mountain’ that would appear and reappear in different locations around the Bay.

The underwater ‘mass’ was investigated by the naval survey ship Maury and other various craft after hearing reports of a phantom reef. This reef had appeared 400 miles off the coast of Southern California, where no reef was known to exist on any charts. When Captain Hambling of the Maury arrived, the mass was gone. He and his crew found to their shock that the mass had moved. As they moved their ship towards it, it disappeared off of their sonar echoes completely. Had it found its way back its hidden underwater base closer to shore?

The sightings of UFOs in this area have continued regularly since 1947. Several people have claimed to have missing time while being in the area, and some report actually being inside the underwater base. In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, families would go down to the beach with the express purpose to watch a UFO go by. They would witness multi-colored UFOs that would sink under the water. Even police officers and Air Force airmen have reported seeing these objects streaking through the sky over Long Beach and Los Alamitos Naval Air Station. Even actors have had these sightings; in the 1960’s, Chad Everett and a couple of friends observed a lighted object moving back and forth at high speeds over the beach from his home in Beverly Hills.

The idea of extraterrestrials living under our oceans isn’t even as relatively new as the 1940’s. All of the seven seas are involved in accounts of UFOs being seen over the waters, reaching back thousands of years. These strange sightings still occur regularly even today.


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