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Science Makes Room for Near-Death Experiences

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Those near death often describe waking visions of dead relatives and friends. Most people shake their heads and whisper to themselves about ‘delusion’. However, those whose professions bring them into contact with the dying are used to these highly spiritual experiences.


Unlike people who die in catastrophic circumstances, those in hospital care are somewhat in control of their dying process. Once the dying and their family acknowledge the fact that most people experience these pre-death visions, it’s easier for them all to accept the imminent death and enjoy quality time together towards the end. The family may participate and ask the dying to describe the family and friends (and sometimes strangers) as they appear around them in the room. These visions occur to people of all faiths, and to people who have no spiritual faith at all.

Academic programs featuring classes on education about spirituality are on the rise nationally. A program called “The End of Life Nursing Education Consortium” has been in place for about 6 years, training nurses all across the country.

I believe that it is very important for the scientific community to finally acknowledge near-death visions as an accepted and recognized occurrence. No one else witnesses our dreams at night, yet we all believe each other when we recount them. Dreaming is an accepted intangible part of life because we all experience it. Most of us have never experienced being near death, but is that any reason to doubt what those who are there are experiencing?


Our transition into this life at birth is witnessed by a loving circle of friends and relatives eagerly awaiting our appearance. Why should we be so skeptical of the same idea of friends and relatives who have gone before us eagerly awaiting our appearance, and helping us be ‘born’ unto the other side at our death?


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