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>> Haunted Places - Luxor Las Vegas

Luxor Hotel and Casino: 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. (the Strip)

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Luxor - Las Vegas

The only ghost known to appear so far at the Luxor is that of an unfortunate construction worker who died while building the 400 foot pyramid. Several other construction workers were injured in accidents during the construction. Many of the workers refused to work at the site at all!


The Luxor is not only haunted, it’s also said to be cursed. The shape of a pyramid is said to contain secret properties and powers. Some believe that the Luxor will continue to be cursed until an artificial eye is placed on the capstone of the pyramid, thus changing the esoteric properties of the pyramid.


Besides the death of the construction worker, there certainly are other reasons to believe the truth of the “Luxor Curse”: shortly after the pyramid was completed, the Vegas World Sky Tower casino (now called the Stratosphere) mysteriously caught on fire and suffered terrible damage. Is it a coincidence? Maybe….maybe not!

The hidden influence of the pyramid may have been the cause of several other terrible, fatal incidences as well: I say the only ghost known to appear “so far” at the Luxor is that of the construction worker. It remains to be seen whether the lost souls of the many people who jumped to their deaths (for seemingly no reason at all) from the inside balconies of the pyramid will show up to haunt this magnetic location.


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