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Gilpin Hotel and Casino: 111 Main St. Fl 3, Blackhawk, CO

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Gilpin Hotel and Casino

Back when the Gilpin Hotel and Casino was first made in the late 1800’s, it also housed a small school-room upstairs. The teacher’s name was Lucile Malone. Lucile was in love with a local miner who ended up getting run over by a wagon right in front of the Gilpin. Lucile was devastated and unable to handle the grief. In her despair she threw herself off the balcony, dying in the exact same street as her unfortunate lover. According to some hotel guests, though, Lucile has not left.

In the early 1990’s, a couple staying at the Gilpin had some ghostly experiences. The girlfriend worked in the bar, so she lived in an upstairs room in the hotel. At this time, the hotel was a little run down, and there were certain quirks you had to get used to. For instance, to turn off the light in the bathroom, you had to unscrew the light bulb. Before going to bed one night, the boyfriend unscrewed the light bulb.


During the night, the light inexplicably turned back on. When the boyfriend got up to turn off the light again, he heard a large clatter downstairs like pots and pans falling. He went down armed with a baseball bat to look for an intruder. He found the kitchen full of flames! He alerted the hotel’s guests and had them evacuated. The boyfriend ran back in several times to rescue people who had collapsed from smoke inhalation, but one person ran back in to get some papers and never came out again.

The couple believe that it was Lucile who warned them of the impending fire by turning their light bulb on. After the devastation of the fire, the hotel and casino was refurbished. To this day, people report seeing the ghost of Lucile. One of the casino’s restaurants is named ‘Lucile’ in honor of the ghost.



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