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Mexican Cemetery Video


There has lately been a resurgence of interest in a couple different videos that each show what appears to be a ghostly young girl. In the first link here, a man is filming at night in a cemetery in Mexico. Apparently his footage was aired on TV—probably in Mexico—so there are some added sound effects, like when the ghost turns her head towards the camera.

The first part of the video shown is actually after the man ran from the ghost, explaining what happened, and the TV station edited it to air before the actual footage of the sighting. The Spanish roughly translates to “Everything you are about to see is real…”

You first hear an eerie cry, like that of a young girl under six years of age. You can see her figure kneeling in front of a grave. Her hair obscures the side of her face. The man filming the video calls out to her in Spanish “Amiga! Como te llamas?” Translating to “Friend, what is your name?” After calling out to her a couple of times, the girl finally responds by turning her head to the camera. There is a second of completely chilling shock as her eyes light up and glow. The man filming is so upset that he starts running and yelling. As he and his companions run away, you can hear a hair-raising cry of abandonment, like from a young child afraid of being left alone in the dark.


Watch the video clip.



Faceless Ghost Girl


This next clip shows what appears to be the ghost of a different young girl. There is no information forthcoming about this video. Apparently no-one knows where it was filmed, when, or by whom. It is a very grainy and hard-to-follow video. At the first viewing, nothing is readily apparent (except the cameraman’s obvious terror). Several consecutive viewings of this video are necessary to finally catch a glimpse of what had the guy so shook up.


After viewing several times and looking closely, you can see what appears to be a young girl wearing a white sleeveless dress walking towards the cameraman. Her arms and hair are dark. When the video clip starts, you see the camera pan to the left. Right after the cameraman says “Oh Sh--!” look closely towards the center of the frame where he slightly zooms in for a second. You can see the faceless girl walking towards the camera. This video is very chilling in its seeming authenticity.


Watch the video clip.



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