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>> Haunted Places - Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Hotel and Casino: 3555 Las Vegas Blvd. (the Strip)

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Flamingo - Las Vegas

The Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino is a landmark location for Sin City’s infancy. It was opened in 1946 when Las Vegas was blossoming. The Flamingo’s founding father, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was an infamous mobster who met his end in 1947. Bugsy was pivotal in bringing about the gambling and glamour to Las Vegas; transforming it from the dusty little Nevada town it used to be.

Bugsy Siegel is said to haunt the Presidential Suite at the Flamingo. Ever since his violent end in 1947, dozens of visitors to the Presidential Suite have reported seeing his specter hanging around the pool table or in the bathroom. Bugsy Siegel personally selected the green-colored bidet, linoleum, and toilets for the bathroom. He felt that the soothing pistachio green was a very ‘classy’ color.


Bugsy also designed the Presidential Suite to have bullet-proof windows and five exits. Most were hidden passageways. All of these precautions, however, were for nothing. He was gunned down at his girlfriend’s home in Beverly Hills. It was never determined who fired the bullets. While Bugsy died in California, his spirit returned to a place that was important to him in life—the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

Also, guests lounging by the pool late in the less crowded hours of the late evening have seen his ghost. His spirit is seemingly not restricted to these two locations, however, as a cleaning lady reportedly quit her job after seeing him on the fifth floor.


The Pool at the Flamingo

The Flamingo pool where Siegel's spirit has been seen.



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