The Most Haunted Online Poker Rooms

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>> The Most Haunted Online Poker Rooms

Online Poker Rooms and True Hauntings

Welcome to Haunted Poker, a site filled to the brim with ghoulish delights for the enchanted poker player.

Sure, we'll share our countless hours of poker-playing prowess through our original online poker room reviews. These will indulge you with honest and meticulously dissected reviews on multiplayer poker sites across the 'net. And, of course, we'll help you build an eerily sophisticated game through our original poker strategy articles. We cover everything from Texas Hold'em tournaments to beating the fish at the spookily wild online poker tables.      

However, what really sets our site apart is the ghostly collection of true hauntings - casino style. Everyone likes a good spook, but these aren't your everyday campfire tales. These are the real haunted houses. These are real hauntings from actual casinos, poker rooms, and gambling halls all over the world.

We invite you to wander through the depths of our domain... literally... and experience the most chilling online poker sites, online casinos, and true hauntings this side of Transylvania. Please keep in mind that we only offer you original content that is exclusive to our site. We feel that you deserve nothing less. So, with our blessing, please enjoy what we have to offer. Don't let the cobwebs on the chips frighten you - we're just waiting for pocket Aces.       

"My name is Baron Stakes and I'd like to give you a brief tour of our domain. I know, handsome poker-playing vampires are hard to come by but would did you expect did you expect with a name like Stakes?"


Paranormal and Poker News

Of course there's nothing like a little global gossip to stir the veins. Our news section is updated at least 3 times every week with stories from around the poker world and the paranormal realm. Paranormal news includes true ghost stories and UFO sightings whereas poker news includes big tournament results, online poker news, and brick & mortar cardroom news.

Online Poker Room Reviews

This section serves to give you an objective overview on the most delectable of online poker rooms. We've played many hours on each site in order to give you accurate information and, more importantly, original online poker reviews. These pages share our experiences, give you specific tips for playing on each site, and include special bonuses available to our players. Areas of review include strength of bonuses, promotions, number of fish, tournaments, software, cashouts, customer service, USA online poker, and overall best features.

Poker Strategy

We've studied both offline and online poker through research, observation, and most importantly real table experience. Our poker strategy articles aim to share that knowledge with you so that you can also become a consistent winner at online poker. Included are sections on ring games and special tutorials on how to win tournaments and beat the online fish. 

True Hauntings

Of course... our exclusive tales of true hauntings grace this section of our site. These are real documented hauntings, and we refuse to post any speculation that hasn't been confirmed and/or investigated. You'll find haunted hotels, casinos, and cardrooms in this one-of-a-kind feature.  

Online Poker Tournaments

This corner of our site includes updated and interactive listings to all the online poker tournaments you can possibly imagine. Our listings are organized by poker room and have many variables that you can customize in order to find the desired tournaments We also include a freeroll tracker for your pleasure.

Poker on TV

Ah, nothing soothes the nerves more than yelling at TV as if Phil Ivey can hear your "GO ALL-IN!" cries. Nonetheless, the section contains updated daily listings for poker programs across the tube.     

Paranormal and Poker Books

Our fine literature section divulges our best choices for both paranormal and poker books. You'll find texts of limit, no limit, tournaments, ghosts, UFOs... the whole lot. We also include our analysis and reviews on our favorites.

Haunted Poker Forum

Finally, you should explore a haunted community that you can call your own. Whether you need to explode about your dreadful bad beat, discover the most haunted location in Vegas, seek advice on choosing a new online poker home, get opinions on your gameplay from our truly haunted staff, or just discuss the news over a nice, tall, thick, dark, red glass of... I mean... well... you'll find it here. We also plan on hosting special tournaments for the darkest forum on the 'net.  

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